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England captain Chris Robshaw says he has learned lessons from his decisions in defeat to South Africa.

With two minutes left and 16-12 down, Robshaw instructed Owen Farrell to kick for goal rather than go for touch and pursue a potentially match-winning try.

Contrastingly, in a 20-14 loss to Australia the week before, Robshaw was accused of being too adventurous.

"Over the last two week
When it comes to the best foods for digestive health, perhaps the best way of thinking about it is this: If it doesn't cause any symptoms, then it's good.

There are "foods that clean out your bowel system. Foods that help to keep you regular. Foods that will not increase reflux. Foods that won't cause diarrhea," Kristi King, R.D., a senior dietitian at Texas Children's Hospital and a spokesper
President Obama is seeking an Aug. 1 deadline for overhauling the tax code and making changes to expensive federal health programs, the final pieces of what the administration conceives as a far-reaching plan to rein in the national debt, senior administration officials said Friday.

The proposed deadline was included in a plan Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner delivered to Capitol Hill on
Nicolas Cage is in all kinds of movies: great movies, terrible movies, movies that are great because they’re terrible. But according to Pleated Jeans, the problem is that the prolific actor still isn’t in enough movies. “I got tired of Nic Cage always asking me ‘How am I not in THAT MOVIE!?’ So, I decided to insert him into a bunch of classic films,” he writes. The results are pretty delightful:
In the last several years, mostly all of the financial services available to consumers, small businesses, and investors have moved to the online space. Features that have now become industry standard, for even the most basic of accounts, include online bill pay, card registration, check ordering, and online statements. Some banks, like ING Direct, are exclusively online, and do not offer traditio
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